Kim Babij

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meter4 10+ Projects

Recent Projects Include:

Pixel Reborn
“Eidogen Video” (Narration)
(December 2015)

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
“Care Clinics” (1 Spot)
(June 2013)

“Canterra Video 5” (Narration)
(May 2013)

Basic Talk
“Basic Talk” (1 Narration)
(February, 2013)

City of Thunder Bay
“Vue in the Water Condos” (1 Spot)
(November 2012)

Paul Davis Systems
“Paul Davis Systems” (1 Spot)
(October, 2012)

Motor Carrier Division
“Phone Script” (1 Narration)
(February, 2012)

Triple Crown Estates
“Corporation Video” (1 Narration)
(October, 2011)

TBay Tel
“Back to school” (1 Spot)
(August, 2011)

Mid Canada Marine Dealers
“Video” (1 Spot)
(April, 2010)

Thunder Bay Hydro
“Great Refrigerator Round Up” (1 Spot)
(February, 2010)

Motor Carrier Division
“Phone Script” (1 Spot)
(November, 2009)

Cancer Care
“Video Mix/TV Spot”(1 Spot)
(February, 2008)

Cancer Care
“Challenge for Life”(2 Spots)
(April, 2008)

Rainbow Stage
“Wizard of Oz” (3 Radio Spots)
(July, 2006)