Marian Martin

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meter3 5 – 10 Projects

Recent Projects Include:

“Membership Campaign 2019” (1 Spot)
(September 2019)

TI Comnet Japan
“Raising Parents: Lesson from a Veteren Midwife” (Dubbing VO)
(January 2016)

Township of Red Rock
“POW Camp Exhibit” (Narration)
(July 2014)

Giraffe Marketing
“Health Presentation” (Narration)
(August 2013)

Kiwanis Chateau
“Kiwanis Chateau” (1 Spot)
(March, 2011)

City of Winnipeg
“Leisure Programs” (1 Spots)
(March, 2008)

Manitoba Chiropractors Association
“Making Life Better” (1 Spots)
(September, 2008)

Cropo Funeral Chapel
“Fill in the Blank” (1 Radio Spot)
(June, 2007)

Manitoba Public Insurance
“Immobilizer” Demo
(July, 2005)

“You’ve Been Spotted” (1 Spot)
(May, 2005)