William Jordan

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meter3 5 – 10 Projects

Recent Projects Include:

Enigma Escapes
“Tomb of the Red Queen”
(December 2016)

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
“Waterfowl Radio” (One Spot)
(October 2016)

Complex Games
“Warhammer: Dawn of War” (VO)
(August 2015)

Manitoba Hydro
“Cold Weather” (2 Spots)
(February 2014)

Cupcake Digital
“Tree Fu Tom” (App)
(January 2014)

“Bony Quest” Game
(July 2012)

Cambrian Credit Union
“The Unfee” (2 Spots)
(May 2012)

Cambrian Credit Union
“Radio” (1 Spot)
(May 2011)

Frima Studio
“A Space Shooter for 2 bucks” (App)
(November 2010)