How to Audition

Please feel free to e-mail your resume and demo in MP3 format to

Kristen Martin
Production Manager
DACAPO Audio Productions Inc.
516 Hargrave Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 0X8

To make an appointment for creating a voice-over demo, or if you have any questions, please contact Kristen


How to Join the DACAPO Productions Voice Talent Database

To become a part of our voice roster, for ACTRA, non-ACTRA or French voiceover work, you will be required to submit a demo to us for evaluation. Demos can either be made from previous voice work you have done and delivered to us with a resume (see delivery details on the left), or you can take advantage of our voice demo service as outlined below.

We currently only use and list voice talents that are available to record at our Winnipeg studios. If you are a talent not located in Winnipeg or the surrounding region, please do not send us your information. When we require voices from other locations, we engage the services of casting companies local to the particular region.

Please Note that simply submitting a demo or creating a voice demo with us does not guarantee your inclusion in our voice talent database. Each voice that is submitted is assessed by our senior production staff and must score an minimum level on a number of criteria before it is posted on our site. Additionally, all final project voice selections are done by our clients. We do not choose talents for a project internally, although we may put forth suggestions for our clients to evaluate.

 How to Make a Demo With Us

If you do not have a voice demo prepared, we have a package available to help you make one. For a fee of $75 CDN (including GST), we make 30 minutes of studio time available to you with a senior production engineer to record a number of demo spots which will showcase your talents for our clients.

To make an appointment, call Kristen at 956-2867, extension 100. To review the demo spots and download playbacks to practice with, just click on the links below!