DACAPO Productions is a creative professional audio production company. We provide audio production services for all applications; from television, radio and film to animation, internet multi-media and video games.

We cast and record voice actors, create, source and implement sound effects, compose and license music and provide full audio post, and mixing services.




DACAPO is located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the exchange district.

516 Hargrave St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3A 0X8

phone: 204 956 2867
fax: 204 956 2869


Olaf Pyttlik – Music Producer & Composer
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Olaf Pyttlik, Producer with DACAPO Productions, has owned and operated a professional recording studio for more than 20 years. He has produced award-winning albums, created music for advertising, composed and performed original music for both feature length film and television series and has written and mounted three full length original musicals. Olaf moved to Canada from Germany in 1991 to complete his education in musical composition at Concord College, a University of Winnipeg affiliate. He received a Bachelor of Music degree in April, 1995 with a major in Composition.



Clinton Skibitzky, M.A. – Manager of Operations
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Clinton’s extensive experience in marketing, market research and advertising as well as formal and informal audio and music training can provide you with a qualified manager to coordinate your projects.


Steve Payne – Commercial Audio Engineer
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Steve Payne is a graduate of Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA and holds a B.A. from the University of Manitoba. He brings nearly a decade of experience to DACAPO including studio and production work with major labels and independent music as well as T.V., film and commercial work. He has composed commercial music, lectured and taught at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto and was also co-owner of and Engineer at Empire Sound in Toronto.



Nolan Balzer – Voice Director
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Nolan Balzer has worked as a voice director and audio production engineer with DACAPO Productions since 1998 and brings a wealth of musical and sound experience to his commercial work. Nolan casts, directs and records voice actors for Animated Productions, Video Games and English Versioning of live action productions. He has been involved in voicing, recording and producing more than 2000 radio and television commercials as well as recording, producing or performing on over 20 albums during his time with DACAPO.

Giselle Nazareno – Audio Engineer/SFX Designer

Giselle works as an audio engineer for voice recording and editing on animated projects, as well as SFX creation.

Kristen Martin – Production Manager/Audio Engineer

Kristen started as an audio engineer for editing dialogue on animated and live-action projects. She is now our Production Manager who works closely with the engineers to ensure that all sessions run smoothly and are completed on time while remaining within your budget.

Jackson Roulston – Audio Engineer/SFX Designer

Jack works as an audio engineer for voice recording and editing on animated projects, as well as SFX creation.

Pickles Rice – HR [Havanese Resources]
Head of Security

She also functions as our therapy dog on her downtime.