Alan MacPherson

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meter3 5 – 10 Projects

Recent Projects Include:

“Marble Duel” Video Game (Narration)
(February 2020)

Pixel Reborn
“VR Poker” (Short Video)
(December 2017)

McKim Communications
“My Canvas Radio” (2 Spots)
(April 2017)

AG Growth
“Flex Mill” (Video)
(November 2016)

TI Comnet Japan
“Working to Support Earthquake Recovery” (Documentary Dubbing)
(March 2016)

TI Comnet Japan
“Forging Ahead into the Future”  (Documentary Dubbing)
(February 2015)

Confederation College (2 Spots)
“Recruitment Campaign”
(September 2012)

Warehouse One
“Spring” (2 Radio Spots)
(March, 2007)

Teen Touch
“Youth Jam 2006” (1 Spot)
(August, 2006)

“Longest Day Joggin” (1 Radio Spot)
(June, 2006)