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meter4 10+ Projects

Recent Projects Include:

Travel Manitoba
“Clear Lake Country” (VO)
(April 2023)

Travel Manitoba
“Canada’s Heart Beat” (1 Spot)
(February 2022)

Travel Manitoba
“Explore Manitoba” (1 TV Spot)
(January 2022)

Travel Manitoba
“Winnipeg Brand” (2 TV Spots)
(March 2020)

Enigma Escapes
“Poseidon’s Promise” (VO)
(July 2019)

Booth University College
“Education for a Better World” (1 Spot)
(September 2018)

“Insomnia” (VO for Video Game)
(August 2018)

Kik Innovation
“Naphia Infographic Videos (Pet Insurance)” (Narration)
(June 2018)

Centric Productions
“Ducks Convention” (Narration)
(May 2018)

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
“November 15 Deadline” (2 Spots)
(October 2015)

TI Comnet Japan
“The Professionals: Skipjack Fishing” (Documentary VO)
(March 2015)

Generator Strategy & Advertising
“Tourism Thunder Bay” (1 Spot)
(January 2015)

Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association
“Male 18-24 Recycling” (1 Spot)
(June 2014)

University of Manitoba
“Awards Gala” (Narration)
(April 2014)

“The Heartbeat of the Industry” (Narration)
(August 2013)

The FaQtory
“California State Parks” (App)
(July 2013)

“Juno Beach” (App)
(April 2013)

Travel Manitoba
“Churchill” (2 spots)
(March 2013)

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
“Spring Campaign” (3 Spots)
(February, 2013)

Travel Manitoba
“It’s Manitoba Time”
(February, 2013)

Travel Manitoba
“Manitoba Monsters”
(December, 2012)

Travel Manitoba
“RVC Promo Video”
(September, 2012)

“Ask the Experts” (6 Spots)
(September, 2012)

Sydney’s at the Forks
“Sydney’s” (1 Spot)

Bay River Developments
“Bay River Developments” (1 Spot)
(May, 2012)

Travel Manitoba
“RVC Edits” (1 Spot)
(February, 2012)

Travel Manitoba
“Tag” (1 Spot)
(February, 2012)

Travel Manitoba
“Manitoba Monsters” (1 Spot)
(December, 2011)

Rogers Wireless
“Regional Tags” (11 Spot)
(November, 2011)

Travel Manitoba
“TV Spots” (6 Spots)
(September, 2011)

Eastern Chrysler Dodge Dealership
“Spots” (1 Spot)
(May, 2011)

TBay Tel
“Digital TV/PVR” (1 Spot)
(March, 2011)

Travel Manitoba
“RVC Promo Video” (1 Spot)
(May, 2011)

Star Building Materials
“Things that aren’t lumber” (1 Spot)
(January, 2011)

“TV Advertising” (1 Spot)
(June, 2010)

The Manitoba Securities Commission
“Radio Tantrums” (1 Spot)
(October, 2009)

“Smart Phone” (1 Spot)
(June, 2009)

Jason Sarna
“Smartpods Software” (Narration)
(January 2016)

Manitoba Hydro
“Cold Weather” (1 Spot)
(February 2014)