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meter4 10+ Projects

Recent Projects Include:

FarPoint Films
“Disaster Deja Vu” (Narration)
(June 2021)

“Winter” (1 Spot)
(June 2018)

McKim Communications
“Two Hands, Two Jobs” (1 Spot)
(February 2018)

TBay Tel
“No Service-itis” (1 Spot)
(June 2013)

“DreamBuilders” (Narration)
(June 2013)

Cupcake Digital
“Strawberry Shortcake” (App)
(June 2013)

Ben Moss Jewellers
“Summer Radio” (1 spot)
(April 2013)

Iconix Entertainment
“Tayo The Little Bus Driving Game” (App)
(June 2012)

Cambrian Credit Union
“Mortgage Transfers” (1 Spot)
(April 2012)

Manitoba Securities Commission
“Your Future Self” (1 Spot)
(January 2012)

Iconix Entertainment
“Tayo The Little Bus Garage Game” (App)
(June 2011)