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meter4 10+ Projects

Recent Projects Include:

“Kenora Fibre Announcement” (1 Spot)
(March 2019)

Handcraft Creative
“Forks Holiday Video” (3 Spots)
(October 2018)

“Insomnia” (VO for Video Game)
August 2018

“Dryden Fibre Campaign” (2 Spots)
(March 2018)

Enigma Escapes
“Voodoo Island” (short video)
(September 2017)

Pollso Games
“Morps Planet” (App Trailer)
(August 2016)

TI ComNet Japan
“Grocery (Keiji)” (VO Dubbing)
(August 2015)

Think Shift
“Crop Rotation” (1 Spot)
(September 2014)

“King of Dragon Pass” (App Trailer)
(July 2014)

Township of Red Rock
“Submarine Tour” (Narration)
(April 2014)

Cupcake Digital
“Babar and the Adventures of Badou” (App)
(August 2013)

Giraffe Marketing
“Health Presentation” (Narration)
(August 2013)

Wellness Institute (1 Spot)
“Wellness for Everyone”
(November 2012)

Tbay Tel (4 Spots)
“Christmas Radio”
(October, 2012)

Tbay Tel (1 Spot)
“Christmas” Cinema Promo
(September 2012)

Koba Entertainment
“Max & Ruby Promo”
(August, 2012)

TBay Tel
“Christmas” (1 Spot)
(October, 2011)

TBay Tel
“Back To School” (1 Spot)
(July, 2010)

“MacDon Gold Ribbin Event” (1 Spot)
(March, 2010)

Agape Table
“The Real Story” (1 Spot)
(September, 2009)

Garden City Shopping Center
“Mother’s Day” (1 Spot)
(April, 2009)

Gogii Games
“Adventure Chronicles” (1 Spot)
(December, 2008)